Onze missie

Reporting requirements are increasing. Within Finance and Risk, more has to be done with less. At the same time, there is an untapped wealth of data. With our innovative and practical approach we want to help the Finance and Risk function of financial institutions to report efficiently, get more value out of data and be demonstrably in control, so you are prepared for the world of tomorrow.

For independent professionals working in the field of reporting we want to be the platform for knowledge sharing, development and entrepreneurship.

For partners working in the reporting chain we want to be the enabler to become more successful in the Dutch financial sector.

How we want to achieve this

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Successfully optimizing the end-to-end reporting chain requires diversity of knowledge and skills. While the complexity is high and more needs to be done with less, there is a need for practical solutions that will take Finance and Risk a step further.

To respond to this development, we have opted for a unique network model in which clients, freelancers and partners complement each other and achieve successful results together. Together we form a powerful whole, where the total yields more than the sum of the parts: 1 + 1 + 1 = 5.

By contributing our specific knowledge and network, consultancy firms with propositions for Accounting, Finance, Risk help to be more successful in the financial sector.

Read more about how we aim to achieve our mission with our unique network model here.