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In the last few decades, the financial sector has been awash with regulations, from Basel III to Solvency II, and now the new IFRS standards.

Between Solvency II, Basel III, IFRS 9 and 17 things have certainly not become simpler if you are an insurance company or bank. You need the applications to evaluate insurance contracts, to calculate provisions, classify assets correctly and calculate the required solvency. More details of earnings need to be reported within ever shorter deadlines.

Obligations, but also an opportunity.

At Sofia Consulting we regard new regulations as a chance to put some permanent improvements in place. Regulations are, of course, obligatory. But you can always seek to set things up in a way that you gain more than just ticking a box for the regulator or accountant.

Above all, take a practical approach. A desire for pragmatic solutions is just in our blood. We know what it is like to walk round the Finance and Risk workfloor, and we know what is needed in order to deal with the challenges in a practical way. Our approach is focussed on achieving improvements. That way we can all move forwards together, and it will energise us!

Solvency II

With this attitude we have helped a large number of insurance companies, in the Netherlands and elsewhere, to achieve Solvency II compliance. Our approach with an integrated reporting environment has enabled dozens of insurance companies to comply with the demands of Pillars 1 and 3.

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Yes, IFRS 17 is complex and you definitely need to think hard about how you are going to prepare for it. First of all, try to look at how you can tackle IFRS 17 effectively and how you can recycle the knowledge and experience you already acquired.

Find out more about our IFRS 17 approach.

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