As a freelancer you may have thought some of the following:

  • I would love to have a colleague to brainstorm with.
  • I would enjoy being part of a team, without having to give up my independent status.
  • At the moment, my good ideas never break through my "billable hours" cycle.
  • I depend for job contracts on a broker who usually understands their content less well than I do, and is less able to estimate the value of my experience.
  • I can see opportunities in the market, for example relating to IFRS 17. How do I get the knowledge and the contacts I need, and how can I secure a good contract, so that I can continue to progress substantially in the next few years?

Do several of these points feel familiar? Then you are likely to find collaboration with Sofia Consulting an attractive proposition.

Keeping your knowledge up-to-date

Collaborating within our network model will give you a number of benefits Within the Sofia Consulting network, for example, we regularly brainstorm about trends and significant topics such as IFRS 17, robotics, data quality, data management and other current subjects within Finance and Risk. We co-author articles, develop ideas into proposals and help each other by pooling our knowledge and sharing our vision when implementing projects.

This means you are in a place where it is easy to keep up-to-date, to become an authority in your area of expertise, and to work on interesting projects that help keep you moving forward over the years.

Professional profiles

Using our practical approach, we help clients to prepare Finance and Risk reporting efficiently, to extract more value from their data and demonstrate that they are in control. We are always looking for enthusiastic independent collaborators.

You can find out here the profiles we are looking for.

Want to know more?

Curious about the possibilities for optimizing the reporting chain within your organization ? Please contact us.