Specialistisch interim management: een nieuwe aanpak

Yes, IFRS 17 is complex and you definitely need to think hard about how you are going to prepare for it. But try above all to tackle it practically, and re-use the knowledge that you already have available in-house. With this attitude, we have helped a large number of insurance companies, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere, to become Solvency II compliant, and we support all insurers in the Netherlands who have to deal with IFRS with the introduction of IFRS 17. In the meantime, we have also become involved in a number of IFRS 17 implementations in other countries.

How can we help?

  • We combine in-depth knowledge of IFRS 17, actuarial and financial knowledge, and experience of implementing/streamlining IT systems.
  • This combination is, we believe, crucial to the successful translation of complex IFRS requirements into functional and practical solutions.
  • Solvency II, IFRS, Basel III. In this busy period, or if your own employees are unavailable, sometimes you may need specialist knowledge or additional capacity.
  • Sofia consulting has a large network of available professionals who specialise in Accounting, Finance and Risk for financial institutions.

Our approach

Everyone in the Sofia Consulting network is a specialist in his/her professional area. We do not run large offices or have multiple management layers. Within our network, we work closely together, share our knowledge and deliver practical solutions. This way we bring a lot of practical experience and many good ideas in-house to work for you, at a fair price.

At Sofia Consulting we devote a lot of time to acquiring and sharing knowledge. The benefit of this is that you do not need to keep inventing the wheel and you can reuse good ideas. In order to do this we come together very regularly to discuss individual cases (peer-to-peer coaching). In addition, we also regularly publish articles and organise knowledge events for and with insurance companies and banks. In this way we help any professional working on a temporary contract to perform their tasks as well as possible.

Go here to read more about our events and publications.

We apply strict selection criteria on who we accept, and monitor quality throughout projects. We only work with freelances and partners we know well, and with whom we have shared good experiences.

Effective collaboration

Sofia Consulting is a network organisation. We believe in effective collaboration by bringing in independent consultants with an often senior profile to work with mid-level and junior consultants on our payroll or working for our partners. This collaboration yields an optimum blend of experience, knowledge and skills.

Read more here about our unique network consultancy model.

How can we help?

Some examples of the roles we can fill:

  • Business analyst
  • Modeller
  • Tagetik consultant
  • Test coordinator
  • Project, programme or change manager
  • Product owner
  • Actuaries

Why Sofia Consulting?

  • Specialised in finance and risk reporting for financial institutions
  • Combining in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and financial and actuarial knowledge with knowledge of both regulations and available tools.
  • Pragmatic approach
  • A large network of junior, mid-level and senior experts, all specialised in finance and risk for banks and insurance companies.

Want to know more?

Curious about the possibilities for optimizing the reporting chain within your organization ? Please contact us.